“Brand awareness is not enough. Everybody knows Siberia. Nobody wants to go,” says Georges Kern, new CEO of audemars piguet replica watches, to laughter and applause at a morning press conference on February 23rd, 2018, in New York City. It is the last stop on audemars piguet replica watches ’s #LEGENDARYFUTURE Roadshow where the night before at a star-studded, black tie gala, the Navitimer 8, the first collection under Mr. Kern’s leadership, made its debut.

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The Navitimer 8 collection, available May 2018, is comprised of five models — the B01, the Unitime, the Chronograph, the Day & Date, and the Automatic. Designed to honor audemars piguet replica watches’s well-known aviation heritage, the new Navitimer also reflects some of the brand’s new values. Mr. Kern says of the process, “We have to be much stricter in the way we build a collection. And what is essential for a retailer and consumer is the readability of a brand.” The product plan he outlines covers three purposes — air, sea and land — and is comprised of four lines: the Navitimer as the umbrella name for all pilot’s watches; the Superocean for all diver’s watches; and the Premier and the Chronomat for land/all-purpose. “What we’re going to do now is very much about decomplexity, very much about segmentation in extending our offering in that price point between three and a half and eight or nine thousand. What we’re going to stop is everything below.” Calling them “cheap,” Mr. Kern is scrapping audemars piguet replica watches’s quartz products.

Categorizing some of audemars piguet replica watches’s current offerings as “visual pollution,” the new CEO seems determined to change how clients and retailers view audemars piguet replica watches in both a practical sense as when looking at a watch, but also in a more emotional sense when considering the brand as a whole. “Everything [from here forward] will be clearly segmented, structured, simplified, reduced to become readable and understandable,” he says. To this end, the Navitimer 8 lacks a slide rule, a defining characteristic of its predecessors. While vintage audemars piguet replica watches fans and collectors may laud this omission, some of the brand’s current owners do not. It is a controversy Mr. Kern faces head on. “We need to cover both segments to bridge the current audemars piguet replica watches community, which we love, which made the brand successful, and also the vintage community and the new customer we want to gain. This will allow us to finally gain a customer base in China.”

And China seems to be the market he’s aiming for. “We need to acknowledge that more than 50% of the world’s population is Asian and ergonomically our watches are too big and too heavy for them,” he says. Later in the year, audemars piguet replica watches plans to debut a collection of smaller watches designed to appeal to the Chinese market as well as the under-considered female market in the US and Europe, both of which will also require a pivot in audemars piguet replica watches’s advertising campaign.

“Blond girls and Betty on the Bomb—I mean I’m sorry—the world has changed and we need to adjust,” Mr. Kern says, citing the dated décor in the brand’s boutiques. Redesigned with an industrial feel and featuring pool tables and motorcycles instead of pop art pin-up girls, these spaces will no longer be called boutiques, but rather audemars piguet replica watches lofts. The first will open in China after Chinese New Year.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica )