It’s only been a half a year now since industry rockstar, Georges Kern took the helm at Replica Rolex Submariner . And while he’s been active with the brand in many ways already, yesterday we saw the first Replica Rolex Submariner watch to be created under his leadership and the guidance of Guy Bove, the latest addition to the brand, as Creative Director.

Replica Rolex Submariner

The watch has been named the Navitimer 8 B01 and forms part of a new five-watch collection that’s being referred to as the Navitimer 8. That 8 — or huit in French — is taken from Replica Rolex Submariner’s 1938 set up, which they called the HUIT Aviation department to work exclusively on on-board chronographs for aircrafts, which in turn was in reference to the eight-day power reserve that most of these instruments had.

On top taking the name from a previous effort of the brand, the other point of reference for the new collection was the historical ref. 768. Which very clearly served as inspiration for a lot of dial details on the new watches. For instance, the luminous Arabic numerals.

It’s safe to say that the Navitimer 8 and its clean, modern aesthetics are intentional. They are meant to appeal to a broader, potential customer base and therein serve the brand with a way out from the impression that was out there in the past couple of years that replica watches didn’t know where it was headed.

It is with this very intention in mind that Kern has decided that the new Navitimer 8 collection would be first launched in Shanghai, China. Because Kern is aware of the new emerging wave of Chinese luxury goods shoppers.